Ils parlent de nous

They talk about us

In a few words, could you tell us about your partnership experience with Relais jeunes regarding your FJT project

For more than 10 years, we have been working with Relais Jeunes to create a residence in the Anchor de Lune eco-district, as we share the values ​​of integration and inclusion carried by the FJTs ..

For 10 years, we have been building in Trilport, patiently, step by step, but with determination, a diversity that we want to flourish, whether generational, functional or social, in order to produce living together, to make society and meaning , in a sustainable and united city, which places respect for others and for nature at the center of its properties. & nbsp; With Relais Jeunes, we have a specific project on l'Ancre de lune and Trilport, that one in 10 homes in this residence can accommodate single-parent families, as it is essential to allow, often single women with children at an early age to find decent, respectful housing solutions

10 years of building an authentic eco-district labeled at the national and regional level developing around a social project which constitutes its backbone, a connected district, with an SNCF station, a city which develops harmoniously, with digital uses but more than anything connected to this territory and to nature.

Ten years of companionship with Relais Jeunes, to face the hazards, to carry out a project which over the years has found its deep roots.

Jean Michel MORER, Mayor of Trilport