Une association, un parcours

An association, a journey

1984: Creation of the Relais Jeunes 77 association and opening of a housing service.


1985: Interministerial approval CLLAJ(Local Committee for Autonomous Housing for Young People).
Membership of the UFJT (Union of Young Workers' Homes).


1986: Foyer de Young Workers Approvalfor 52 places : single room and shared apartments in the sector diffuse (Foyer Soleil) in Marne la Vallée.


1989: Capacity of 60 places.
Obtained the social innovation prize.


1990: Owner's approval to carry out rehabilitation lease operations , PST (thematic social programs), for the integration of the most disadvantaged.
Popular association for youth and educationapproved by the Ministry of Health, Youth and Sports.


1991: Organization of a Forum "place and accommodation for young people in the new city".


1993: Accommodation capacity of 100 places(40 apartments in Foyer Soleil)
Foyer de jeunes Travailleursaccreditation for an extension to 125 places(Foyer Soleil) in Marne la Vallée but also in Chelles.


1996: Capacity of 152 places(125 in Val Maubués / Chelles and 27 in Sénart).
Approval to manage a social residenceof 102 placesin Torcy.


1997: Opening of the Val Maubués residence in Torcy.
Capacity of 267 places : 102 at the residence, 165 in the diffuse sector (125 in Val Maubués / Chelles and 40 in Sénart).


2000: Foyer de Jeunes Travailleurs Approvalfor 125 placesin diffuse sector within the city news from Sénart.


2001: Setting up of "housing research" workshops in Sénart.


2004: Capacity of 300 places(102 at the residence, 125 in Val Maubués / Chelles, 73 in Sénart). < / p>


2006: Opening of the Val d’Europe residence in Serris.
Capacity of 412 places : 110 in Val d´Europe, 102 at the residence of Torcy 260 in the diffuse sector (126 in Val Maubués / Chelles, 74 in Sénart).


2007: Approval as a socially responsible company


2008: Renewal of the Youth and Popular Educationaccreditation by the Ministry of Health, Youth and Sports.
Classification as a association of general interest with a social vocationby the Ministry of the budget, public accounts and the civil service


2010: Labeled under " the 2010 European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion & nbsp;" of our youth access to healthcare project


2011: Approvals: Social, Financial and Technical Engineering
                Rental intermediation and social rental management by the Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and the Public Service and the Ministry of Health and Sports


2012: Capacity of 580 places
Takeover of the FJT of Lagny sur Marne, Henri Dunant residence (168 places)
128 places in Val d´Europe, 205 in Val Maubués / Chelles including 102 in the residence, 79 in Sénart in the diffuse sector.


2014: Opening of a residence in Moissy Cramayel with a capacity of 100 places for 90 housing units. Restitution of part of the Sun accommodation in Sénart
Capacity of 591 places


2015: Restitution of accommodation in Val Maubués (64 places)
Opening of the Torcy residence " Chaplin & nbsp;" in June, with a capacity of 107 places for 107 housing units.


2021: Capacity of 605 places


In perspective:


2024: A residence in Trilport within an eco-district (84 places and open to young families, especially single parents)
- A residence at Brie Comte Robert