I haven’t got a guarantor. Will you take me anyway?

There are various mechanisms that might help in your situation: LOCAPASS as guarantor for the deposit, and VISALE, as guarantor for the rent and charges (known as the “redevance” in French).

Contact us and we’ll look at it together

I live outside Paris and I can’t travel, how can I get my application approved?

Send us your application and a copy of all the supporting documents required, either by email or by post, and we’ll set up a remote interview (video conference available soon).

I won’t be 18 for two months. My employer is in the same town as you. Can you take me despite my age?

Apprentices are prioritised for accommodation in FJTs (hostels providing accommodation for young workers). If your parents agree, or if you are an emancipated minor, we will be delighted to help.

What is meant by “redevance”?

This is the French word for the total monthly cost of your accommodation.

It covers the rent + rental charges + utilities (water, gas, electricity, etc.), and with us it even includes personal liability insurance inside the accommodation (on the premises of the residence).

If you are eligible for a housing allowance, this will be calculated in terms of the whole “redevance” - and we think that’s particularly reassuring!

Hello, how long will it take you to get back to me?

Hello, our allocation committee meets every week. If your application contains all the requested information, it will be examined at the first meeting that takes place after we’ve received it and you’ll get a reply within a week.

I just want to find somewhere to live. Are the support and other activities compulsory?

We are here to help you with administrative procedures and make life in the residence as enjoyable as possible for you. Everyone’s needs and expectations are different.

Let’s talk about it - we’ll find the package that best suits what you can and want to do.

Who looks after your residences?

You take care of the housework inside your accommodation and we take care of the communal areas (corridors, staircases, entrances, etc.).

If you have a more technical problem, we have a special team to help.

Can I bring a pet?

Pets are not allowed in our residences, for reasons of hygiene.

I have a child. Can they come and live in the residence with me?

Currently our housing units are not designed for families, but occasionally we are able to accommodate younger visitors to maintain family ties, subject to certain conditions (please ask individual residence).

Can I choose more than one residence when I apply?

Of course! You can apply to several residences and improve your chances of quickly finding somewhere to live.

I have to provide my “numéro de demande de logement social”. What’s that?

It’s a number you are given by the Ile de France region that proves you have applied for social housing.

You can apply on line at if you want to remain in the Ile de France region. Otherwise, you do not need to provide this number.

My application has been refused. How long must I wait before applying again?

Your application is valid for 1 year from the date we receive it.

If your situation changes, you an reactivate it by providing the supporting documents regarding your new situation.

I haven’t got all the supporting documents you need. Can I apply anyway?

When you complete your application, please explain why you can’t provide the document(s) concerned. Your application will remain valid for a year, but will not be considered by the allocation committee until these documents are provided.

Do you have any other residences in the Ile de France region?

All Relais Jeunes residences are on our website. For other locations, check out the URHAJ website, where you will find the other FJT residences in the Ile de France region